Thoughts from a busy mom….



Welcome and thank you for being here and showing your support for our puppies and our page. As some of you know my part time job is a Wedding Photographer in the Phoenix Area. As much as I LOVE being home with my animals. I also LOVE capturing people’s love stories. From their engagement session through their wedding day and sometimes beyond. I would not be able to do all that I do if it wasn’t for the support and help of my amazing husband. Sean and the kids hold down the fort and take care of puppies on weekends when I need to shoot. It’s kinda the best of both worlds. Whether I am busy serving people or busy taking care of my puppies and kiddos, I am happy. I Can honestly say I LOVE my life and will never take any of the opportunities in my life for granted. Your puppies are our top priority. And I want you to all know that Sean and my kiddos take it just as seriously as I do. Your puppies are always in good hands. We rarely go anywhere all together because there just aren’t very many people that we trust with our animals. If we plan any short vacations we try to do it between litters. Please know that even if I get behind on photos and emails at times, I will get caught up and I am doing my best to balance family and work. My kids are rock stars for having to be so flexible with sports, puppies, selections and helping on the ranch. Due to how busy we are, we will no longer be allowing visitors to the ranch other than on Selection days. We do not have time during our busy weeks to stop everything and have random visits. Please ask about selections dates or check our website reserve page. Dates will be posted. We look forward to selections this weekend for Eva and Topaz puppies.  We can’t wait to start getting photos of all these puppies in their new homes! See some of you very soon!!!

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