Bringing Puppy Home



If you are traveling by air to pick up your puppy in person or you decide to hire a puppy Nanny

We will meet you at your hotel or the Phoenix airport 2 to 3 hours before your flight home.

Included When you pick up your Puppy!

  1.  Small zip lock of food
  2. A few puppy pads
  3. Collapsible water dish
  4. Packet with contract, health records and microchip ID info
  5. Collar and Leash
  6. We will give your puppy a high calorie vitamin gel and NO food before travel to lower the chance of car sickness.

Please only offer water to your puppy until you get home (unless your flight gets delayed)

Ask about our Puppy Nanny service. 

  Here are a few hotels close to the airport


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Pet Carriers

Please check the size requirements for soft pet carriers for your specific airline. Puppies are usually less than 8 lbs so here is a link to order a small one that should fit under all airplane seats.  S  You can order here——–> PET CARRIER

 For Larger Airline requirements order this one! Click here ———-> PET CARRIER 

We use Diamond Natural’s Puppy Formula


You can order online or pick up locally at  TRACTOR Supply Company

Or at 

Here are some treats our pups enjoy!

We LOVE this outdoor puppy play pen, you can order more than one to make a larger play yard or to block off sections of your property or pool areas.


You can order online from Amazon HERE we use the 40″ Tall———–> Puppy Play YARD


Your puppy will have one DHPPv.  Please keep in mind that puppies are very prone to all kinds of parasites. We do our best to keep them under control. It sounds like a lot of de-worming but veterinarians recommend de-worming puppies every 2 weeks from 2 weeks old to 8 weeks old and then again at 12 and 14 weeks! Also, your adult dogs should be dewormed at least once a year but you can have your vet do a fecal sample once a year or if they get diarrhea. Please show your puppie’s health record to your veterinarian at your first appointment.  They can help you stay on schedule.  You will need to do follow up boosters in 3 to 4 week intervals.

Please remember that we don’t always have time to “crate train” your puppy before they leave. Your puppy will be sad and cry for the first few nights.. as most have not been separated from their litter mates before going home with you (at least not over night)  Please be patient and understand that there is an adjustment period.  We do recommend crate training.  By the time the puppies are 8 to 10 weeks old they should be able to “hold it” for a good 5 to 6 hours over night if they had an early dinner.   They are less likely to mess in their crate if it’s small.  If it’s too big they will just go to one side and go there. Take your puppy potty last thing before you go to bed. Let puppy whine.. and only take puppy out to potty again if it’s been awhile. You don’t want to teach your puppy that every time it whines you take it out. If you are consistent, it should only take a couple of nights.  Take your puppy to the same spot outside each time, preferably a grassy area.  Keep the crate close to a door so that you can get puppy outside quickly! Praise puppy, play with puppy awhile and return to crate. Just like children, do not feed puppy right before sleep, that is guaranteed accidents! Do not hesitate to call or email us for extra guidance. We are happy to help you along this journey.

We like the Crates that have a divider. As puppy grows you can remove the middle section.  Usually these two door styles come with the divider.


These are some of our favorite bones. They are made in the US and are all natural. The pork  chin are for soft chewers and the ribs are for older more aggressive chewers.  We also also Pork Femurs and Cow Legs.  More spendy chews are antlers but dogs LOVE them too!


If anyone would like to order photos or canvas gallery wraps of their puppy.


Please chose photos off your litter’s web page

I try to post new photos every 2 weeks. 1, 3, 5 and 7 weeks! If you order after the 7 week photoshoot, I will drop ship prints right to your doorstep!


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