Majestic Sunspot

CLASS 09 – 1997 Halter Stallions
(Adore My Sunspot X CV Crystal)
Breeder:  Sheila Hewitt, Lancaster, Minnesota USA


“Majesty” is our 1997 senior foundation stallion; we offer both offspring for sale and cooled shipped semen.

 Health Test Results:  SCID- N/N   OAAM1-N/N   LFS- N/N    CA- N/CA  

Stud fee $1500

We chose wisely; a beautiful little purebred Arabian chestnut mare “CV Crystal” an IBN Raffon daughter.  We  bred her one time to the foundation stallion “Adore My Sunspot” (bred by Roxanne Rector of Sunspot Pintabians)  It was a late fall breeding and since we were only going to try one time I remember driving home with her and praying that it would work and that we would get a colored colt. 11 months later we were ecstatic to walk in the barn and see his sweet face.  She was one of those mares who laid down and pushed him out the minute I walked to the house. I literally missed it by 2 minutes!  We fell in love with this face the moment we laid eyes on him.



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You wont find a stallion with a better personality!