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My husband Sean and I (Sheila) have been happily married for 14  years.   In those years we were blessed with three amazing kiddos!  They love the outdoors and helping on the ranch.  If they aren’t doing their studies or helping us with puppies…you will find them out with their 4-H projects; grooming and handling their cattle, working with their hogs or cleaning stalls.  When ever they get the chance they like to go hiking and hunting with their dad.

We homeschool our children and enjoy a busy yet old fashioned way of living.  We have our own family milk cow (an adorable little Jersey girl) and plan to add chickens to our little ranch soon!  We take pride in raising our animals to be happy and healthy.  We love meeting all the puppy families and enjoy inviting the families to our home on selection day, where they are welcome to meet the parents and interact with the whole litter.

Sean and I were both raised around farm animals and they have always been a part of our lives.  I grew up with every farm animal under the sun.  I was the oldest of 13 children.  I spent my summers training horses and driving tractors in the fields of Northern Minnesota.  I enjoyed helping my dad and grandpa put up the hay and combine the grain.  In the winter and early spring I enjoyed helping deliver calves and other baby farm animals. Helping them to nurse and making sure they stayed warm could be challenging in Minnesota.  Raising animals will always be a part of my life.

Sheila Headshots 2019

Growing up on a cattle ranch I always had cattle dogs… so raising Aussies was a no brainer.  They are such intelligent and loyal companions!  A few years back we decided to raise Aussiedoodles; due to their great personalities and low-shedding qualities.  They tend to not have as much of the herding instincts and therefor make great pets, especially for those with allergies. Both Poodles and Aussies are considered active dogs. Bred to be working dogs herding/hunting. If you don’t live a very active lifestyle, this may not be the breed for you! They require much stimulation and outdoor activities.  All of our dogs are allowed in our home and even though they LOVE to be outside.. they also enjoy being lazy and snuggling with us at any opportunity.

Mini American Shepherd and our Children Colton, Carley and Stetson!

We pride ourselves in raising quality, healthy and happy animals.  We aim to match our foals and puppies with the perfect loving homes according to their personalities and your needs or desires.   We strive to produce not only beautiful and extraordinary animals,  but animals that are going to fit well into your homes and lives. All of our animals absolutely love people. Our children have a huge part in helping us to imprint them from the day they are born; and love every minute of it!!!  We start training as soon as possible to ensure they are ready for the transition of  traveling to their new homes and families.   You will be assured that they will arrive in pleasant condition.  Take a few minutes to really look around our site and get to know our program and then let us know if you have any questions. We would be happy to talk with you and help you decide if one of our puppies or horses is right for you and your family!




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A few of our past puppy litters

Eva and Topaz’s Current litter of mini and moyen sized Aussiedoodles! More photos in the “Nursery”
Macie and Rocky Litter of Mini Aussiedoodles
Macie and Garth Litter of Mini Aussiedoodles 
Lady and Topaz’s first litter of AKC Mini American Shepherd puppies (aka mini aussies)! 

If you would like to adopt a puppy from us, please take a look around our website and make sure you navigate the drop down menus.  After you have learned about us and our program please go to our “Puppy Application” page and tell us about yourselves.  Adopting a puppy is a lot of work and we hope you have put a lot of consideration into the commitment of giving a puppy a stable and safe, loving home.

A Few of Our past pups All grown up!

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Due to our homeschooling schedule most emails and phone calls will be done from 7:00-8:00 am or after 3:00 pm Arizona time!