Frequently Asked Questions


Will my puppy be potty trained? We do not train puppies individually to go potty outside.  But we do start letting puppies play outside in our “puppy only” area the last week to two weeks that they are with us. This does seem to help! But you will need to start potty training using the same technique consistently.  We will send you home with potty training information in your puppy packet! 

How often will I need to get up at night?It totally depends on the puppy but if you take puppy potty late at night, say around 10 or 11, puppy should be good until 5 in the morning. We recommend feeding puppy around your dinner time.  Puppies usually will have a BM 20 to 30 minutes after eating a meal. Keeping your puppy on a strict schedule will help everyone! Also, making sure you play with your puppy a lot in the evening will ensure a good night sleep!  NEVER WITHOLD water, this can cause serious bladder issues and bladder infections.  Some people have GREAT luck with crate training and some of our customers swear by co-sleeping. Puppies that sleep with you are less stressed and will wake you up when it’s time to go. Which ever way you decide to do it. We definitely recommend sticking to your decision and staying consistent.

Is my puppy fully vaccinated? Your puppy will have one NeoPar (Parvo specific) vaccine and one DHPP (5-way). This is NOT enough. You will need to schedule booster vaccines for 9, 12 and 15 weeks! We encourage you NOT to take your puppy to heavy dog traffic areas such as dog parks and puppy classes until AFTER ALL VACCINES ARE COMPLETE.  Puppies especially are prone to picking up all types of germs, worms and you name it! Please take your puppies veterinary care seriously. We do as much as we can to prepare your puppy to go home, but you will need to continue puppy health records. And yes, your puppy will go home with an up to date record book. 

Can my dog come and meet the puppies? NO, we do not allow ANY Outside dogs on our property.  This is due to very strict health protocol that we can not compromise on. If you are worried about your dog accepting a new puppy….  Most dogs enjoy a new puppy. But with that said.. if your older dog does NOT like the puppy. Puppies will learn to keep their distance. They will figure out their pecking order just like any animal.  We always tell our customers to never leave puppy and older dog alone together until you have watched them closely for MANY DAYS.  And DEFINITELY do NOT let puppy near older dog while your older dog is eating. Even IF You think your older dog is not food guarding. He may show aggression during diner time and could harm the puppy if not closely monitored. 

Do Aussiedoodles Shed? Some do, but some don’t. It’s sometimes hard to tell.  During selections at 6 weeks old we will help you pick the one that we think wont shed. It does seem like the puppies with the most furnishings (facial hair) are the ones that don’t shed. Because furnishing are a “Poodle” characteristic it is our best guess that a puppy with a lot of furnishings is taking more after the poodle parent rather than the Aussie parent. All of our Aussiedoodles have parents that have been testes for Curly coat and Furnishings, So ALL puppies will have at least one copy for both. Even if your puppy seems to have a flatter coat and no furnishing at 8 weeks. They will all have furnishings before a year old. Some just take longer. (Furnishings are is all the extra facial hair that gives them the “doodle” teddy bear face) 

Can we visit the ranch? The only time we allow visitors is on selection day for customers that are already on a list. Due to our busy schedule we do not allow visitors who may or may not be serious about getting one of our puppies.  But if you are on a list we are more than happy to have you come and pick your puppy out in person and meet your puppies parents on selection day!