What is a Pintabian?


Simple explanation is that a Pintabian is verified and MUST be over 99% Arabian and less than 1% Paint but still carry the Tobiano gene.    They are eligible for registration with the Half-Arabian horse association, Pinto and Pintabian registries. (HAHA, PtHA and PHRI)

It has taken many generations of breeding from the first cross until recent times to create such a beautiful horse that portrays not only the magnificent Arabian look but the splashy tobiano color! Here is the visual process in Mathematical terms…….

First Generation- 1/2 Arabian = 50% Arabian Blood

Second Generation- 3/4 Arabian=75% Arabian Blood

Third Generation- 7/8 Arabian= 87.5% Arabian Blood

Fourth Generation- 15/16 Arabian= 93.75% Arabian Blood

Fifth Generation- 31/32 Arabian= 96.875% Arabian Blood

Sixth Generation- 63/64 Arabian = 98.4375% Arabian Blood

Seventh Generation- 127/128 Arabian= 99.21875% Arabian Blood

Eighth Generation- 255/256 Arabian=  99.609375% Arabian Blood

Ninth Generation- 511/512 Arabian= 99.8046875% Arabian Blood

and so on….

This math is based on breeding every resulting foal back to a purebred.

(the seventh generation or a minimum of 99% Arabian blood is required to be registered as a true “Pintabian” ) if the resulting foal is not a tobiano it is registerable as a Half Arabian and also an outcross for breeding with the PHRI.

If you want to learn more or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Our Stallion Majestic Sunspot is an eighth generation, this is shown on the HAHA Registration, before the I.D. number you will see an 8A meaning 8 crosses to a Registered Purebred Arabian. All of our foals from “Majesty” are are 9A on their HAHA papers. I hope this helps your understanding of what it takes to produce one of these amazing beautiful creatures.


Pintabians are now known all over the world in many countries! Our Stallion “Majestic Sunspot” is one of the few foundation stallions from when this Breed became recognized. We couldn’t be happier with the foals he produces. They are friendly, smart, correct and extremely trainable. For more info on our stallion click on our “Stallion” page. Thank you for your interest in learning more about this wonderful breed. Check back often to see our upcoming foals, horses for sale and breeding information.

Here is a video below of two of our current Pintabians. Both offspring by “Majestic Sunspot”