Customer Reviews

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Bogey aka Tex from Eva & Topaz
“Bogey is the sweetest puppy ever. Aside from being incredibly smart (from those strong genes), he is the biggest love bug ever! He LOVES LOVES LOVES people and gets along really well with other dogs. He was also very easy to potty train and has done very minimal destruction to our home or belongings –just a few slip ups in the very beginning as any puppy would. At 6 months old, we’ve already been able to leave him at home outside a crate for a few hours with no accidents or chewing! He has been such a great addition to our family and we cannot imagine our life without him.” 
-Kelly & Kevin K.

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Buddy aka Amarillo from Lady and Topaz
“I’d been looking for a puppy for about 6 months. I’d met plenty and none were perfect. We wanted a smart dog, easy disposition, not too big and also athletic. I so lucked out finding Sheila on the web.  We emailed for about a month about her dogs and my desires. Then I managed to get to Arizona to meet some puppies. And, it was love. I brought Buddy home when he was about 10 weeks old.  I believe Sheila and her family socialized him perfectly. He’s got the best disposition -happy to greet old people, young people, people in uniform, wheel chairs or bicycles. He loves every dog he meets. He’s been turn key in terms of training. If I can think it -he can learn it.  So he weaves between my legs, he rolls over, crawls, spins and is completely dependable off leash. He loves to play hide and seek with his toys or with us.  He’s a complete joy. Everyone who meets him wants to take him home. We cross country ski with him, hike in the mountains, fish and swim. He’s so easy -he’ll try anything. He weighs 35 pounds at one year and is a total joy. He loves to cuddle, he loves to run, he just wants to learn and please. We are so lucky to have found Sheila.”
-Laura H  

Cowboy from Lady and Topaz

“I wanted a dog for a number of years. My husband and I didn’t have any kids and the house was feeling a little lonely. We thought that adding a little pupper to the mix might spice things up, so we began our search. I did a lot of research on breeds and where people buy dogs and thought we would first start our search at a shelter. Unfortunately, it was a disastrous experience. I didn’t feel prepared to take home an older pit bull or a dog with behavioral or medical issues, which is basically what the shelters had. This is when I started looking for a breeder. As I continued my search, I heard about mini Australian Shepherds. Though I heard they were high energy dogs, I also saw they were loyal and smart. Since I wanted a dog I could run with, and also train to do some tricks, I felt a mini Australian Shepherd really checked the boxes when it came to buying a puppy. I began looking up breeders of mini-Aussies. I wanted someone I felt was responsible and who wouldn’t lie to me about the size the dog would grow to be (size was very important to me). By luck, I came across Sheila’s website. In filling out an interest form, she told me she had one little boy puppy left, Cowboy. She sent me some pictures and though I didn’t want to get too attached (since I had seen another dog from another breeder who didn’t work out and I was heartbroken) I fell in love with him immediately.

When we went to meet Cowboy, he was perfect. He was a teeny, tiny puppy with big, beautiful eyes and markings. When I ran with him on a leash around the park, he kept looking up at me and would follow me everywhere. I was in love. I knew he was my puppy. 

Sheila worked with me to meet with the next day at a place close to my house. I picked Cowboy up and she made sure I was outfitted properly by giving me some food, probiotics, a toy, leash, collar, and puppy pads. She also gave me some info on how to crate and potty train.

Today, we have the most perfect little dog. Cowboy (nickname Hotdog) is the most social puppy I could have asked for. He is known around the dog park by both humans and dogs as the friendly puppy. He was a wiz in his dog training classes and was adored by the instructor since he was such a fast learner. He wakes up every day to run or hike with me and loves playing chase around the yard. He really aims to please. He is a lover and a snuggler. We are excited because we are going to start agility training in the next few months.

I couldn’t have asked for a better dog. I love him more than I ever thought I could love anything. He is my friend and companion. I appreciate Sheila was such a good, responsible breeder, an excellent guide who checked in with me periodically to make sure we were doing ok, and allowed me to find a perfect dog. 

I recommend Sheila to anyone who is looking for a responsible, caring breeder.”


Phoenix, AZ                           

Murry aka Biggie from Eva and Topaz

“We couldn’t be more in love with our puppy! He was the last pup left in one of the litters, and I am so glad we snatched him up because he is simply amazing. I hadn’t had a dog before we got Murry, but my husband was a big proponent of getting a dog, and I am hooked! He is so loving and sweet with not even one remotely mean bone in his body. He does so well with our 4 young nieces & gets along with all other dogs so well, too. He is a great mix of playful and cuddly/lazy which was the perfect addition to our family! And he is very handsome, of course. We will always refer our friends & family to get puppies here.” 


-Matt & Lauren   

Chicago, IL                                                                                                                      

Simon aka Jersey from Eva and Topaz

“I researched dog breeds for a very long time because I really wanted to make sure I got the right fit for our busy family, 5 very active kids plus Nana! I wanted a dog that could participate with us and really be part of our family. We had a dog in the past that we loved but she was crazy and taking her out anywhere was total chaos!! What drew me to this breed was the fact that they don’t shed, the size (medium size, Simon is 35 lbs), and the fact that they are super intelligent. Well, I have to tell you that Simon has exceeded our expectations immensely! He is just the best dog we have ever had!! He is sooo loving, he is patient and loves kids and other animals. He is very smart! We hired profession trainers and they have referred to him as a “Rock Star”. Even though he is a puppy (7 months) he is pretty calm most of the time. He loves to sit on our laps, chew sticks and go for walks. We are so in love with this boy and are so thankful to have found Sheila! The whole process was wonderful and I recommend her to everyone who mentions they are looking for a puppy!”

-Marie L.

Goodyear, AZ

Tux and Mux (Macie and Waylon)

“Our babies are the sweetest smartest little puppies. Good humored, eager to please, super intelligent. The king family ranch raises Aussie doodles with great love and care. Their sweet temperament was ingrained in them from day one with a family that truly loves them.”    

– Angela T. 

Sedona, AZ