Aussiedoodle Master List

Master List for Mini to Moyen Sized Aussiedoodles (last update 5/11/2023)

  1. Breeders choice on every litter
  2. Alyssa and Judd
  3. Ariella W.   
  4. Megan H.
  5. Chelsea O. Fall 2023 (Glory’s Litter)
  6. Sheryl B. (Carmel)
  7. Regina Smith (Carmel)
  8. Nikki Mann (BM) (Glory’s Litter)
  9. Grant G. (Carmel & Knight)
  10. Jane Higgins (Glory)
  11. ________________
  12. ________________
  13. ________________
  14. ________________



*Planned does not mean ALL of these will actually happen*

~Knight x CARMEL~ (due June 14th)
100% Tan Points & approx 50% Merle (reds and blues)
~TOPAZ x Sky~(due May 23rd)
100% Tan Points (Parti colors/Red and Blue Merles
~TOPAZ x GLORY~ (due May 13th)
100% Tan Points, 50% Merles (blues and tris) no red
~Waylon x LIBERTY~
100% Tan Points, approx 50%  (blue merles, sables and tris) no red
~Knight x FREEDOM~
100% Tan Points, Black Tris and Blue Merles, Red Tri’s and Red Merles 


English Cream Goldendoodles


~Dylon X Coco~

f1b- Red and Black Tri and 75% Parti colors~Rose X 



Current 2022 Prices

All Arizona Residents will pay 6.3% Sales Tax 
If you are an Arizona Resident and you have NOT placed a holding fee and you are coming to pick a puppy – your Price will be $2657.50
If you are an Arizona resident and you have placed a holding fee- your final balance will be $2157.50
If you are out of state and you have placed a holding fee- your final balance will be $2000.00 
If you are out of state and you have NOT placed holding fee- your total puppy price will be $2500.00 

All Sizes from Mini and Moyen to occasional small standards. (every litter right now has a similar size range) We try to pick breeding dogs that are all going to mature between 14 and 18 inches tall and 20 to 45 lbs. Topaz Babies could hit 50 lbs on the larger males. Most of our customers like a nice medium sized dogs. So we try to stay in that range.

(We reserve the right to “pick of the litter” from ALL Puppy Litters since we no longer have a list per Female) 

When a litter is born we will go through the Master List top to bottom to see who wants to pick from the CURRENT litter.

If you are interested in getting on our wait list. Please fill out our online puppy application in the menu at the top of this page. If you want a puppy NOW check out our “Available Puppy” Page. Thank you.