Due the End of May! CHECK Nursery Pages for due dates!

(We reserve the right to “pick of the litter” from ALL Litters since we no longer have a list per Female) 

  IF you send in a puppy application for Aussiedoodles and this list is FULL.. you will be put on a call list. Please specify if you are willing to wait up to a year.  This list will go down quickly in a few months. 

*****4/26/2021 Puppy update**** 5 litters of Aussiedoodles are due the end of MAY.  All confirmed via Ultra-sound.  We should have lots of puppies in about 5 weeks!  🙂  Hang tight.. this whole list will go down FAST once this next batch of spring pups arrives!  If you miss out on summer litters we will be having more in the fall.  The current wait time is 4 to 8 months.

New litters will all have a Nursery Page under the mother’s name in the drop down menu once they arrive.

  1. Pamela Conde (dropped from Carmel’s list) Moyen Size Female
  2. Karen Wall 2nd Puppy (AZ) (Passing until late 2021 or 2022)
  3. Shannon Taylor (AZ) 2022
  4. Alyssa and Judd- 2022
  5. David Bell*   (male) (CA)
  6. Dale H.   (Waiting until Spring 2022- Sable Mini Male) (MI)
  7. Ashley Schugg Family   (AZ)  
  8. Laura Torres  (AZ) 
  9. Nancy Whalen   (AZ)
  10. Shaun & Kristy Kanui   (AZ)
  11. Nikki L.   (MN) Female
  12. Ariella W.   (NJ)
  13. Kim Palombo  (AZ) 
  14. Robert Z.  (AZ) prefer Female 
  15. Sue Badgley  (CA) prefer female
  16. Jim and Becky (AZ) Merle Female
  17. Liz Richardson (AZ) 
  18. Ben Love (AZ)
  19. Stephanie Sklar (AZ) Winter Litter
  20. Sharron Allen (AZ)
  21. Veronica Dominguez (AZ)
  22. Richard Cole (AZ)
  23. Healther Muns (AZ)
  24. Denise Roche (AZ)
  25. Cara Calhoun (CA)
  26. Jennifer Lewis
  27. Olivia D. (AZ)
  28. Nicole V. (CA)
  29. Dusti V. (AZ)
  30. Justin S. (FL)
  31. Justin S. (FL)
  32. Jennifer P. (AZ)
  33. Tiffany R. (AZ)
  34. Jaimee S. (AZ)
  35. Shaina and Danny Y. (CA) Male
  36. Anna B. (CA)

As customers receive or select their puppies, spaces will open back up and we will call people that already have applications filled out and submitted.

These females below have had waiting customers for awhile…. if these litters are bigger than the list below… puppies will ALL be available to the Master List customers above. These litters were planned prior to the start of our new Master List system and need to be fulfilled with the next litter.

Sydney and Waylon

  1. Breeders Choice
  2. Julie Austin
  3. Eric Chen
  4. Brad Trimble      (if she has more than 4 puppies, these will be available to the master list) 

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