Aussiedoodle Master List

Currently we have THREE LITTERS OF AUSSIEDOODLE PUPPIES under our Nursery Menu! More new photos coming soon!

(We reserve the right to “pick of the litter” from ALL Puppy Litters since we no longer have a list per Female) 

  IF you send in a puppy application for Aussiedoodles and this list is FULL.. you will be put on a call list. Please specify if you are willing to wait up to a year.  This list will go down quickly in a few months but we can not predict mother nature. If you can’t get a puppy this fall- we will move you to next year’s list.

Aussiedoodle 2021 List

16 puppies Born and ready the first week of December. Not holding any until Christmas. Must pick up the week of December 1st.

  1. David Bell and Tania Soderman   (male) (CA)
  2. Kim P. (Was #2 and accidentally got bumped to 2022…. back where she was suppose to be. Sorry for the confusion)
  3. Sue Badgley  (CA) prefer female
  4. Jim and Becky (AZ) Merle Female
  5. Healther Muns (AZ)
  6. Nicole V. (CA)
  7. Dusti V. (AZ)
  8. Tiffany R. (AZ)
  9. Jaimee S. (AZ)
  10. Anna B. (CA)
  11. Shawn A. (AZ)
  12. Eric P. (AZ)
  13. Sally V. (AZ
  14. Jennifer T. (AZ)
  15. ____________________
  16. ____________________
  17. ____________________
  18. ____________________
  19. ____________________
  20. ____________________
  21. ____________________
  22. ____________________
  23. ____________________

Aussiedoodle 2022 List

  1. Shannon Taylor (AZ)
  2. Alyssa and Judd-
  3. Dale H.   Sable (MI)
  4. Nancy Whalen   (AZ)
  5. Nikki L.   (MN) Female
  6. Ariella W.   (NJ)
  7. Jennifer P. (Az)
  8. Olivia D. (AZ)

Current 2021 Prices
All Arizona Residents will pay 6.3% Sales Tax 
If you are an Arizona Resident and you haven’t placed a deposit yet and you are coming to pick a puppy – your Price will be $2657.50
If you are an Arizona resident and you have placed a deposit- your final balance will be $2157.50
If you are out of state and you have placed a deposit- your final balance will be $2000.00 
If you are out of state and you have NOT placed a deposit your total puppy price will be $2500.00 

If you are interested in getting on our wait list. Please fill out our online puppy application in the menu at the top of this page. Thank you.

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