Indy’s Aussiedoodles


Puppies born November 4th!!

(Waylon X Indy)


“King Independence” we call her Indy!  She is a super sweet little gal.  We love her unique face markings and dark tan points!  She stands 16 inches at the shoulder. Eventually we will also breed her for a litter of Miniature American Shepherds. We love her stature and her perfect ear set- she would make a nice cross with Topaz. 

Indy and Waylon had their first litter of Aussiedoodles on November 4th.

Selection day December 18th- Ready December 28th. 

Health Clearances  




HC-  CARRIER  (1 Copy  means NOT AFFECTED) This means she can NOT be bred to a male that is also a carrier.  Which is perfectly fine because we don’t have any male carriers 🙂    She will also have annual eye exams to make sure her are good! 

10 Puppies born. New photos coming after eyes open.