Indy’s Aussiedoodles


Puppies born November 4th!!

(Waylon X Indy)


“King Independence” we call her Indy!  She is a super sweet little gal.  We love her unique face markings and dark tan points!  She stands 16 inches at the shoulder. Eventually we will also breed her for a litter of Miniature American Shepherds. We love her stature and her perfect ear set- she would make a nice cross with Topaz. 

Indy and Waylon had their first litter of Aussiedoodles on November 4th.

Selection day December 18th- Ready December 28th. 

Health Clearances  




HC-  CARRIER  (1 Copy  means NOT AFFECTED) This means she can NOT be bred to a male that is also a carrier.  Which is perfectly fine because we don’t have any male carriers 🙂    She will also have annual eye exams to make sure her are good! 

10 Puppies born. New photos coming after eyes open. 


“Leo” Black Bi Male

“Alya” Black Phantom Female


“Phoenix” Sable Male


“Ariel” Black Bi Female


“Rigal” Black Tri Male


“Hurcules” Black Bi (tuxedo) male


 “Calypso” Black Bi Female


“Finlay” Sable Male


“Alpha” Black Tuxedo Male

“Asher” Black Bi Male