We use these products ourselves and recommend them to all of our puppy families. From puppy food to puppy training and grooming tools; we love it all! We do not recommend anything here that we do not use ourselves. Click images for links. We recommend you buy the puppy food that your puppy is already on. Click the photo link below and go to “Dog Food” Then make sure you select small/medium breed puppy food identical to you the one you see below. If you decide to switch food later that is fine but make sure it’s a gradual process.

Your Puppies Food

Soft Travel Kennel

Bully Sticks

Washable Pee Pad Blanket

High Velocity Drye


Puppy Electrolytes

Ultra Edge Pet Clippers

Puppy Shampoo

Slicker Brush

De-matting Undercoat Rake comb

Squeaker Ball

Indoor/outdoor Puppy Playpen
Medium Crate w/ divider

Training Pouch

Snappy Fit Bowl (for crate)

Professional Grooming Kit

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