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ALL New PUPPIES ARE POSTED IN THE DROP DOWN MENU UNDER “NURSERY” But we will keep this updated with older available puppies below. Puppies on this page have been started well with Potty, CRATE AND LEASH training. Therefor we will NOT be lowering their price with age.

Ask us about delivery options to So-Cal and other places.


*****AVAILABLE*****MARTHA- BLACK TRI FEMALE THAT IS 14 weeks old.  She is mostly potty trained, crate trained and doing well on the leash. Is even learning a few commands already.  she absolutly loves the farm life!  MArtha is ALERT, HAS GOOD Engagement with humans AND WOULD MAKE AN AMAZING SERVICE OR THERAPY DOG.  SHE LOVES EVERYONE and IS JUST AS SWEET AS THEY COME.   SHE HAS AN AMAZING COAT FOR AN F1 Aussiedoodle and should be none-shedding.  SOMEONE THAT LOVES TO TRAIn dogs and teach obedience. WOULD HAVE A LOT OF FUN WITH HER- SHE IS VERY INTELLIGENT AS MOST OF THESE GUYS TRULY ARE!  She was one of my favorites from the beginning ❤️ Don’t miss out on an amazing temperament! She wont last much longer as she is my last 3 month old with a really good start to her training.  I can not say enough good things about this puppy. You wont believe me until you meet her! She will be that truly loving companion and someone’s “Heart’ Dog. She is good with kids and doesn’t nibble or bite.. she is just happy to be near and cuddled.  She is all about the love and affection and extremely loyal with near perfect recall! 

Call or Text to schedule a visit and to chat about sweet Martha!  530-391-5884 


“General” – Red Tri Male (Available)

Another big boy.. funny how all the red tris in this litter were males and were also the biggest puppies. General is 7.8 lbs. and has a gorgeous wavy coat. He is super loving, has a cute personality and is vocal. Not in a bad way he just loves to “talk” and let you know how he is feeling. He uses his paws a lot and will definitely make you smile and feel loved.   


Another smaller male from this litter at only 6.8 lbs at almost 8 weeks old. He is friendly, outgoing, playful and of course affectionate cause most of our puppies are! He has a cute personality and likes to “listen” lots of head tilting with this one.  They love their people and bond quickly to their new families. He is curious and attentive… just waiting to meet his forever family! 

BRAVO- Black Tri Male

Super sweet little fella. He only weighs 6.2 lbs and is one of the smaller males from this litter. He has gorgeous Tan points and nice amount of white. White on all four paws and tipped tail.  He is outgoing, friendly, playful and affectionate. He has nice furnishings and a nice wavy coat!