Sky’s Aussiedoodles

PUPPIES BORN May 25th and REady to go Home July 20th! 

Reserve List is OPEN!

We are super excited about this litter! Sky and Topaz will be able to throw all colors… and about 25% of them will be red based.. which means we will have Red Tri’s and Red Merles.  The rest will be Black Tri or Blue Merle.

Size: 35 to 50 lbs (small standards)

Colors: Blue Merles, Red Merles, Black Tri, Red Tri, Parti colors with possible heavy ticking like Sky. 100% of the puppies will have copper/tan points.

Activity: Medium to High drive and will be wonderful active companions for those outdoor families!

Mama Sky is an active poodle. Her favorite thing to do is RUN. She loves to follow the quad and has hit top speeds of 26 miles per hour. She adores Carley and has claimed her as her favorite person.

Papa Topaz is more on the calm/low end drive spectrum. He is getting up there in age for a breeding male. We don’t know how many more litters this handsome man will sire.  We are blessed to still be producing his amazing offspring for both Aussiedoodle and MAS puppies.

We will start going through our list a little early this time and anyone that wants a puppy from this litter will be placed HERE.



The Girls

“Sienna” Red Merle Female (Reserved)

“Harper” Black Tri Female (AVAILABLE)

“Story” Blue Merle Female (AVAILABLE)

“Sprinkle” Black Tri Female the tiny one (Reserved)

“Cherry” Red Merle Female (Reserved)


“Rowan” Blue Merle Male (RESERVED)

  “Clancy” name means Red haired Warrior. He is a dark red tri male. (RESERVED)

“Jett” Black Tri Male (AVAILABLE)

“Jasper” Blue Merle Male (AVAILABLE)

“Roy” Black Tri Male (AVAILABLE)

“Oakley” Blue Merle Male (RESERVED)

“Beau” Black Tri Male (RESERVED)

“River” Blue Merle Male  (RESERVED)