Introducing “Daisy”

Daisy is a full sister to Eva and Laura! Guess you could say we like to keep it all in the family 🙂 She is almost the exact same size as Laura but is a little darker colored and has more white on her chest!

Carley got to go with Sean to pick her up in L.A….. what’s a trip to L.A. without a trip to the beach??


Also, guess what!???  Daisy was ovulating when they picked her up! We will have Aussiedoodle puppies November 14th from this adorable pair! Daisy has already had one litter of puppies and guess what else. She raised 8 beautiful purebred poodles!

Check out these beauties! I think her Aussiedoodles will be just as adorable! Check out Daisy and Topaz’s RESERVE LIST  If she doesn’t come up pregnant or have very many babies.. you can always transfer to another litter. We have lists started all the way into next spring!


We will be posting more photos of Daisy once she has her photoshoot!

2 thoughts on “Introducing “Daisy”

  1. I don’t see anywhere on the site how much the mini aussie’s cost. Can you let me know. females

    • Hi Mary, the price, list and deposit information is posted both on the Reserve page and on our Puppy Application page. Please read the detailed information before filling out our application. Thank you and please let me know if you have any more questions.

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