babies… and more babies….

Whew. this last week has been quite eventful. While Macie’s puppies were only 5 days old our Lady decided to go into labor 4 days early.  Thank goodness I noticed her change in mood early that morning and things moved along quickly. All 6 babies were born early in the day with no complications. Gorgeous litter. We couldn’t be happier. I will be holding off on advertising this purebred litter.

But here is Macie and her Aussiedoodle puppies at 5 days old. We moved them to a bigger pen. Everyone is doing GREAT. They all had their dew claws removed and I am posting their new photoshoot tonight! Go check under “Available Puppies”


After Lady was done delivering her litter.. why Laura decided to go into labor. I had my eye on her all morning too.. as even the night before her temp had dropped and she was a little restless but I wasn’t quite sure.. I guess that would have been early labor.  BUT all the day while Lady was laboring Laura was very quiet and slept a lot. It wasn’t until right when Lady was done that Laura really started to get nervous.  We could then see her tummy contracting and proceeded to prepare her birthing area.  It was about an hour later she finally started the process. Everything went well. Here pups were a little bigger than I expected so I did assist a little.  When a bitch has less babies, the babies seem to be bigger. When a litter is larger, the average size may be a bit smaller.  I couldn’t believe I was having two litters in the same day. Even though my sister (who also breeds) says, that always happens to her when she has litters close to the same dates. One goes, and then another shortly after. Crazy.


So, with three litters on the ground. It’s an understatement to say that I was busy. Even after both litters were all safe and sound and comfy in their beds… my nightly duty had just begun. I moved my recliner to the dining room and decided the only way I would get rest would be if I was close enough to puppies that if I heard one in distress I would wake up and be right there.  So far all the moms seem to be doing there jobs taking care of them but it’s very common that moms lay on their babies. So, I keep an eye on that and also making sure everyone is nursing and warm.

The next morning–July 31st, Eva still had 4 days to go but she decided to go into labor as well! I was really hoping for a break between litters, to get caught up around here but no such luck. lol  Puppies come when they come whether you’re caught up on sleep or not! Eva started laboring and by the time I checked her temp, she was already at 99.4.  I think it was only a couple hours later that she finally popped out her first one.. and when I say popped she really just popped it out and she didn’t make a peep! I was expecting some noise as all the other mothers made little squeals when the first one came.  She was so quiet the whole time.  There was a little more time between puppies with her (on average.. 30 to 40 minutes instead of only 10 or 15… occasionally I’ll have an hour or more between puppies but that’s not the norm for every puppy or every birth.  But I mentioned that to say… it was like she knew it was taking too long. At one point she rolled over on her back to change positions, she bared down and popped one out with her feet straight up! It was the funniest sight! But it works! How awesome is that! She knew she had to try something different.  Anyway.. to our surprise she had 8 gorgeous puppies. Definitely more than we expected!  My Daughter Carley was right there with me.. even catching some of the puppies as they came out.  I have to say we make a great team! And as hard as it can be.. we love every minute of it!


Please keep checking our “Available puppies” tab… I will be posting individual photos of each puppy on their own litter page at one week old.  There will be a drop down menu with the names of the parents.  i.e. Macie & Waylon will be posted first.

We can’t wait until they open their eyes and we can start to see their personalities.

Let us know if you have any questions about up coming litters. With this many puppies on the ground my days will be much busier, so please take the time to navigate our website and learn as much about us and our puppy program as you can. We look forward to meeting more of our future puppy families and  helping to pair our puppies up with the right families.  The puppies will be changing so much in the next few weeks so I suggest you don’t get too attached to any ONE… as the new photos in the coming weeks will really start to show their individuality. Keep watching my instagram feed for video snippets and more random updates 🙂

Stay tuned and goodnight!

Sheila <><

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