Macie and Waylon

Yesterday Macie seemed a little more alert and on edge. I knew right away something was going on. I questioned my instincts all day…but she was un-easy and I just kept a real close eye on her.  I got things ready, took her temprature and of course gave her tons of love and carried on my day. I was checking her temp every couple of houres. Eventually she showed every sign in the book and her temp started to drop.  I stayed up until midnight and decided tonight was the night. As the first pup was gettjng closer Macie started to nest more vigorously and looked to me for comfort.  I sat next to her bed and she came right to my lap for comfort as the first one would quickly make its way into our world at 3:00 am.  The first born was the blue merle female. I stayed up warming blankets and making sure each one took its first breath in a timely manner. With each new life I was in aww at how each one looked different from the last. After some long waiting between and thinking she was done at 5…. surprisingly she pushed out 3 more! By 7:00 I was certain she was done.  All babies nursed right away.  We are so thankful for a beautiful, healthy litter.


Stay tuned will post individual images and sexes in a new page shortly.

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