Creative Imaging

As some of you may have noticed, besides raising dogs and being a ranch girl I have also turned my love of Photography into a business. To keep it interesting I like to have fun with Photoshop now and then and create something a little more… well, creative. This has been done before obviously, but I had never tried it myself. I knew how it was done, but just hadn’t taken the time to take the shots and put them together.

Last night while I was outside I just thought, I’ll see if I can get Macie to look right inside my camera lens.  She of course loves to fetch,  so all I had to do was hold a stick over my lens to get her attention and get only her nose in focus . Next I had to place Stetson on something where he could really be in a good sitting position. Instead of a chair, (which I thought would be hard to edit out) I decided to set him on the foundation of our house so that he would be easier to cut out of the background.  It didn’t end up mattering too much because I didn’t cut him out anyway.   I decided to just use an inverted layer in photoshop and zoom way in for my paint brush used a  brush size of 6 px. 🙂 My PS Friends will get that part. But it worked out great and I think it looks like their eyes are looking at the exact same point of focus!  Next time I hope to get a little more creative with my lighting.

Just for fun, here are my before and after images.


I haven’t shown this image to my son yet, but I think he might like it 🙂

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