Puppy Care

Hey everyone! Today I just want to share where we keep the puppies when they are napping or if we have to leave the house.. A lot of people are curious as to how we raise puppies and want to make sure that we are not a puppy mill. We care deeply for our babies and even though they live in the house with us (in my kitchen to be exact) We have to have a clean, safe and sanitary place for them that is confined.  So, we found out from other breeders about this amazing puppy playpen. I got the big one, made for Standard sized dogs so that they have plenty of room.   We clean and sanitize this pen once to twice daily. Depending how dirty the trays get. Since we take the puppies out so many times during the day and they are a little older now, we can get by with once a day. They rarely use the bathroom in here anymore.  Their blankets and towels get changed and washed daily as well and of course they have lots of toys in there and also all over my kitchen. When they aren’t in their playpen, they are either playing outside with my children or running around my kitchen chasing each other or playing with the family. Yes, my kitchen is blocked off so they are always on the tile, which makes for easy clean up when accidents happen. We hope that by taking them out so many times during the day and night that house breaking will be easier for you when you bring your babies home.


Here is the link to the MIDWEST PUPPY PLAYPEN  I purchased. If you are interested in a small one, they come in many sizes. The tray underneath to catch all their waste is very handy and easy to clean up when lined with puppy pads or newspaper.


The pile of puppies behind Stetson and Matthew is because they are all trying to hog the air vent on the cool tile 🙂 Topaz is the biggest hog!

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Remember we still have two very beautiful Black Phantoms looking for their forever homes. I know most people really love the Merles but these Phantoms are adorable and sweet as ever!   Hoping to get more photos tonight.

Have a great evening- Sheila

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