Carmel’s Aussiedoodles

Due June 14th 2023

This will be the second litter from these two and the last litter was a huge hit. They were gorgeous and 75% of them were Red(brown based) So, we will have ALL colors. Including Red and black Tris, Red and Blue Merles. and 100% Tan/copper points. Master list gets priority but once I go through that list and start adding names below. You can place a deposit and get put directly on this list if you are sure sure you will be ready for a puppy mid August! Puppies will be ready by August 15th or so once they are weaned and have completed their second vaccine and Well Puppy exam. Please refer to our “Puppy Application” page to submit yours asap. This list will fill up fast!

Sizes: Ranging from 20 to 45 lbs

Drive: Medium

Colors: Reds, Blues, Tris, Phantoms and merles.

  1. Breeders Choice- Female
  2. Sheryl B.
  3. Regina Smith
  4. Grant Grinna- Male
  5. ____________
  6. ____________
  7. ____________
  8. ____________
  9. ____________

Photos of Carmel and Knight’s Last litter