Puppies Are Here!

Laura, Macie and Eva have all had their Aussiedoodle puppies! As some of you have already seen our instagram page where we started posting some snapshots of the puppies. If you don’t follow us.. please find our Instagram page at the bottom of our website.

Laura’s puppies are already posted under “Available Puppies”  We will be adding the other puppies to the drop down menu under the parent’s names very soon!

We have had a very busy couple of weeks but are so happy to announce that we have three beautiful and healthy litters on the ground!

Here is a quick sneak peek!


Link to puppy page www.https://kingfamilyranch.com/laura-topaz/



Quick link to photos-coming soon!


#EvaandTopaz puppies born February 7th!

Quick link to photos- coming soon!




3 thoughts on “Puppies Are Here!

  1. Not ready now, but researching for maybe this fall/winter. I have back issues & allergies, so interested in the minis Aussie doodle ( max 20lbs mature) Love the the blue eyes Aussie & have had Goldens also. love the black/white/saddle color combo Aussie.
    Need to know pricing & where you’re located.
    Also, do you litter box train or crate train, before we take home?
    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Angie,
      We have already begun our fall/winter reserve lists. I have 2 people on each list so far.. so earliest reserve available is #3 on Either Eva, Laura or Macie. Macie and Eva usually throw about 8 babies.. with that said there are usually a couple small ones that will mature around 20 lbs. Please email me at kingfamilyranch@gmail.com for more info and a copy of our contract. Thanks! 🙂

      • Thanks for your response , so have my heart set on the blue eyes, smaller 20lbs & hopefully trip colored.
        let me know what’s coming up for future litters.
        appreciate your help.

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