Reserve Lists


MASTER LIST for Aussiedoodles

(We reserve the right to “pick of the litter” from ALL Litters since we no longer have a list per Female) 

  IF you send in a puppy application for Aussiedoodles and this list is FULL.. you will be put on a call list. Please specify if you are willing to wait up to a year.  This list will go down quickly in a few months.  As we start breeding for spring/summer litters.  We wont be accepting more than the 25 reservation spots below.  The list below is updated frequently or when puppies are selected and new spaces open. 

Future mama’s each have their own page under our “Nursery” tab. You will now be able to see expected due dates and information on each of their pages.   Carmel and Sydney are the next expected litters. 

  1. Karen Wall 2nd Puppy (AZ)
  2. Shannon Taylor (AZ)
  3. Alyssa and Judd (will wait until 2022) 
  4. M. Mackey  (AZ)
  5. M. Mackey  (AZ)
  6. Sandy A.  (AZ)
  7. Merkwan Family  (AZ)
  8. David Bell*   (male) (CA)
  9. Penny Jones (Female)   (AZ)
  10. Dale H.   (Waiting until Spring 2022- Sable Mini Male) (MI)
  11. Ashley Schugg Family   (AZ)
  12. Michael Liu* (CA)
  13. Daniel and Brittainy Murphy  (AZ)
  14. Laura Torres  (AZ)
  15. Betsy Porter    (AZ)
  16. Nancy Whalen   (AZ)
  17. Cary Close  (NC)
  18. Shaun & Kristy Kanui   (AZ)
  19. Nikki L.   (MN)
  20. Ariella W.   (NJ)
  21. Kim Palombo  (AZ) 
  22. Robert Z.  (AZ) 
  23. Sue Badgley  (CA)
  24. Jim and Becky (AZ)

25 Reservation spots is all that we will be accepting. As customers receive their puppies, spaces will open back up and we will call people that already have applications filled out and submitted. 

These females below have had waiting customers for awhile…. if these litters are bigger than the list… they will ALL be available to the Master List customers above. These litters were planned prior to the start of our new Master List system. 


Carmel “King’s Small Town Girl”  is a gorgeous AKC Registered  Red Merle Mini American Shepherd and will be bred to  Chuck a Moyen sized Purebred Poodle for F1 Mini to Moyen sized Aussiedoodles.  She is 16 inches at the shoulder and Chuck is 17 inches at the shoulder. Due to their lineage they can produce puppies anywhere from 14 to 19 inches tall at the shoulder and everywhere in between but MOST of them should be similar sized to Carmel and Chuck.   Both of these two love birds are just full of personality and are super playful.  We are so excited to meet their new pups hopefully in the very near future!  She will possibly be bred in the future for Purebred MAS puppies as well. 

Carmel’s Puppies are all clear for DM, HC, MDR1 and VW11

Next list hopefully by spring 2021 (Expected Feb/March)

  1.  Breeders Choice
  2. Donna Durenberger
  3. Pamela Conde
  4. Rick and Mary Amsbaugh     (if she has more than 4 they will be available to the Master List) 


We are so excited to add our AKC Mini American Shepherd “Sydney” to our breeding program.  Sydney is our BABY! She loves to snuggle at EVERY CHANCE she gets! She loves to go on horse back rides across the desert with us and super easy to train. She listens well but needs a strong leader.  She loves to explore when we go riding but is smart enough to stay out of trouble.  She gets along well with all of our other mama dogs and can be crated with just about anyone.  She is pure pleasure to have on the farm and we can’t imagine life without her.  She struggled a bit as a puppy and with a little extra TLC we have a special bond.  Waylon and Sydney babies should be between 14 to 18 inches at the shoulder. Sydney and Waylon are both 16 inches but we are saying a little bigger since they both have some taller dogs in their pedigree.  Photos will be posted under the Nursery< Sydney’s Puppies. Read more about Waylon on the “Poodle Stud” page.

This litter is clear by Parentage for HC, DM, MDR1, PRA-PRC and VWDll   

Spring 2021 List (Expected around April or May)

  1. Breeders Choice
  2. Julie Austin
  3. Eric Chen
  4. Brad Trimble      (if she has more than 4 puppies, these will be available to the master list) 



These puppies will be AKC Mini American Shepherds.  They will throw ALL Aussie colors! Red Merle, Blue Merles, Red Tris, Black Tris but they have always thrown copper points. Meaning they have never had Black or Red Bi’s.  We LOVE the copper these two throw! Most puppies on this list will be evaluated as breed/show puppy prospects.  We can’t evaluate puppies properly until after 7 weeks of age. We will not be doing a puppy selection at 6 weeks with this litter.  We will contact each person individually as evaluations are taking place.

This litters will be ALL CLEAR for HC, DM, PRA-PRC and MDR1! All puppies come with limited Registration unless Breeding Rights have been discussed. Tails and dews will be done at 3 to 5 days old no exceptions.

 Miniature American Shepherd Master List (we will be adding a couple MAS mama’s to our pack. So this is the master list Below.  In case the mom’s have puppies out of expected order.   After Sydney and Carmel have their first two litters we will breed them to a purebred for AKC Mini American Shepherds as well. 

Master List  (for MAS ONLY)  We reserve the right to pick of the litter on ALL litters) 

  1. Lauren Keeton
  2. Tammy Heiling
  3. _______________________
  4. _______________________
  5. _______________________
  6. _______________________





IN the case of extra puppies right now…. the people on the list for that particular mom will have first dibs at moving up. If people from the second list deny the first litter then we will move to the master list and people  at the top will have an option to move up.

It’s getting too hard to predict who will have puppies and when. Especially since we have 3 more females ready for retirement! Also, trying to predict new young moms is also very hard! Please keep reading through our website and learn about our family and how much we love our animals! We want to encourage everyone that getting a puppy from our home is well worth the wait!



 F1 Aussiedoodle – $2500.00 Plus Tax

AKC Mini American Shepherd- $2500.00 Plus Tax 

F1b Mini Aussiedoodle- Coming in 2022!  $3000.00 Plus tax 

 In order to reserve your spot on one of the Master lists you will need to fill out our puppy application and place a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $500.00 of the total price. Once we receive your application we will send you a copy of our health guarantee/contract. We do not take payments or allow you to add yourself to a list via the website.  We have to approve each step along the way.   We will send you an invoice for the deposit via Intuit where you can pay with credit/debit/apple pay plus a 3% fee or feel free to pay via routing number on the invoice (free transaction fee)   You will only be added to a list once you have signed our contract AND paid the non- refundable deposit.  We also accept Venmo.  But please do not send deposit without first talking to us.

****Prices subject to change at any time****

ALL ARIZONA RESIDENCE WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY 6.3% Sales Tax as of January 1st 2019.  This will be applied to your final invoice. 



Breeding rights are an additional $1,000.00 and will only be available for approved show or breed homes.  All other puppies will be sold as “pet only” puppies on a strict “pet” Contract. Meaning you will not ever breed this animal and you agree to spay/neuter as soon as the puppy is old enough (between 6 and 12 months) You will also agree to send us documentation from your vet when your pet is spayed or neutered. 


Puppy Selections will start at 6 weeks. Right after they pass their Vet exam. We will start with facetime and Video calls.  Locals will have the opportunity to select in person. 


Puppies will go home at 8 weeks old. After they have passed a vet exam and had their first set of vaccines.  We reserve the right to keep any puppy longer than 8 weeks, if we feel it is in the puppies best interested, due to any reason whatsoever.

Puppy Nanny Service is available for $500.00 or more to most Major US Airports.

We will meet anyone out of state at the Phoenix or Mesa Airport Free of charge so the puppy can travel home with YOU in Cabin! We do NOT ship Cargo.


Remember ALL puppies come with a health record and are up to date with de-worming, vaccines and they are micro-chipped.  They will also pass their first wellness exam at our expense.  You will need to continue the puppy vaccine schedule that your vet recommends before taking your puppy to public dog parks or entering any puppy classes. Vaccine boosters will need to be administered at 12 and 16 weeks and then you will just need to go back to the vet annually. Unless otherwise needed. All of our parent dogs have been genetically health tested for over 171 different diseases, including the most common diseases to their specific breed.  We offer a 1 year genetic health guarantee.  We require in our contract that you must take your puppy to the vet within 3 days of bringing puppy home in order for our health guarantee to be valid. You will receive a copy of our Health Guarantee and Contract once you submit your puppy application.

Moving Forward

Please do NOT move forward if you have placed deposits with other breeders. Our deposit is NON-Refundable.   But if you are interested in getting on one of our lists please read below and fill out our puppy application. We will contact you shortly thereafter!  Please remember that the price of our puppies is based on the quality of service we provide and the health of our parent dogs. We have put a lot of consideration into choosing nice parent dogs and have spent thousands on genetic health testing to insure the health of our puppies. You will pay less in the long run when you adopt a puppy from health tested parents. 

Once puppies are born you will see photos in the “Nursery” tab  in the drop down menu above.. under their parents names!

We will update due dates as soon as these girls have finished their heat cycles but will confirm all pregnancies via Ultra-sound around 30- 35 days gestation.  None of the litters are 100% guaranteed. If any mamas don’t come up pregnant,  we hope that you are willing to transfer to our Master List.  Stay tuned and watch for available puppies after each selection date. We often have people pass on a litter and move to a later date which is why we may have puppies come available at any time.



 Please read the “bringing puppy home  before you pick up your puppy. 

© All photos are owned by Sheila King Photography, llc and are not for public use without written permission. You may share a post or website as long as you credit @King Family Ranch, LLC in your post.

You may use puppy photos on your Instagram pages. Again, please credit @king_family_ranch on insta! And don’t forget to hashtag so littermate families can follow along. 

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