Poodle Sire



Moyen Phantom Parti Color

Charlie is going to be a bit bigger than Waylon but will be the perfect size for our Mini American Shepherd girls.  He is just as sweet as Waylon with that amazingly sweet disposition.  He is awaiting health testing  and we will post results here!


Mini Cream Poodle

Waylon stands 16 inches at the shoulder and stays around 18 lbs.  He is super friendly and gets along well with other dogs and children.  He has had tons of socialization and we are excited to add him to our breeding program.  His babies are gorgeous and super intelligent.   Both Macie and Sydney are due NEXT week with Waylon’s puppies! We are so excited to see what they will produce especially Sydney since this is her first litter ever! Check out the reserve page for more info on his upcoming litters. 

When Waylon is bred to Macie and Sydney he will throw a wide mixture of colors and patterns. Blue Merles, Sables, Wolf sables, Tris, Sable Merles and Black and Whites. He does not carry the dilute gene that some poodles carry but his Wolfy Sable puppies will fade to a lighter color over time. Darker Redish Sables will not fade like wolf sables.  All other colors will not fade. Some blue merles will change over time due to their hair growing out and getting long. If a blue merle puppy has a LOT of white, sometimes the white will appear to take over more of the coat as they age.. but when your puppy gets their first trim you will see more of the blue/black pattern again.

Waylon  is FF for full furnishings, TT for long coat and TT for Curly Coat.  Which makes the BEST F1 Aussiedoodles!  His colors test results are e/e, B/B, D/D (no dilute), KB/ky, ay/at and Ssp (carries parti)

Waylon is CLEARED for 181 different genetic diseases but most importantly he is clear for the following diseases that are commonly seen in Mini and Standard Poodles.

VWD- Von Willebrand Disease Type 1 – Type 3.

TUBB1 Exon 1- Congenital Macrothrombocytopenia

PRA-PRCD Exon 1- Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration

HexB- GM2- Gangliosidosis

DM- Degenerative Myelopathy

NEWS- Neonatal Encephalopathy 

CDDY/IVDD, Type 1- Chondrodystrophy and Intervertebral Disc Disease

Skeletal Dwarfism- Osteochondrodysplasia