Mini American Shepherds


These puppies will be AKC Mini American Shepherds.  They will throw ALL Aussie colors! Red Merle, Blue Merles, Red Tris, Black Tris but they have always thrown copper points. Meaning they have never had Black or Red Bi’s.  We LOVE the copper these two throw!

All puppies on this list will be evaluated and determine whether they are breed/show puppy prospects or Pet only.  We can’t evaluate puppies properly until after 7 weeks of age. We will not be doing a puppy selection at 6 weeks with this litter.  We will contact each person individually as evaluations are taking place. All breed prospects must pass evaluations.

This litters will be ALL CLEAR for HC, DM, PRA-PRC and MDR1! All puppies come with limited Registration unless Breeding Rights have been discussed. Tails and dews will be done at 3 to 5 days old no exceptions!!!! 

 Miniature American Shepherd Master List (we will be adding a couple MAS mama’s to our pack. So this is the master list Below.  In case the mom’s have puppies out of expected order. 

Planned Litters for 2021 Include Lady and Topaz, Brave and Topaz and Possibly Sydney and Willie (November)

Master List  (for MAS ONLY)  We reserve the right to pick of the litter on ALL litters) 

Lady and Topaz Possibly Due In August! Lady is in heat now (June) Will confirm via ultra-sound in July 

  1. Breeders Choice
  2. Shannon Finney-Breeding
  3. Lauren Keeton- Pet
  4. Tammy Heiling-Pet
  5. ________________________
  6. ________________________
  7. ________________________
  8. ________________________

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