Puppies growing fast….

It’s so hard to believe that this round of puppies are already getting so big! Laura’s litter will be graduating to new homes before we know it! I just wanted to update everyone with a little information on all that is going on around here. This may be a long blog post….

First off…. We had a TON of company the last month so with that comes a lot of running around and planning so that someone could be with puppies most of the time. As they get older we can leave them a little longer but I still don’t like to if at all possible.  I also didn’t get much time for video and photos on Laura’s litter so since everyone got jipped on that I will go ahead and try to get a 6 week photoshoot done of those 5 tomorrow. BUT my kids all just started a new football league so I will have to work around their new schedule.

Maggie from Laura and Topaz is still available after selections. She is such a sweet thing! Would do amazing in a home with children I believe. She loves my kiddos and so gentle and little. She shouldn’t get taller than about 14 or 15 inches.

Maggie- SOLD

Macie’s litter selections were today. We just wrapped that up around 4 o’clock and I have to say I am just so thrilled with all the families and puppies. I think we did so well matching the right puppies with the right homes! We really look forward to watching these guys grow up and would just love it if everyone keeps in touch and continues to send us photos of their beautiful aussiedoodles.  We love to share past puppies for all of our future puppy customers. With your permission we will share both on our website and our Instagram feed.


Mini Aussiedoodles have got to be some of the cutest puppies in the entire world. Each and everyone is unique in it’s own way. It’s always so fun to watch them grow and change.  We are excited about the future of all of these babies. Some will be forever companions for children and retired folks alike. Some will do agility and be trained to do many amazing things. These dogs are so intelligent… with consistent training and lots of love these pups will be so much fun to watch learn new things. They learn tricks surprisingly fast and they are very treat driven. Most times it only takes showing them something 2 or 3 times before they figure out what you want.  I encourage everyone with a new puppy to get enrolled in puppy obedience training.  Even if you have a lot of training experience, puppy classes are great for continuing their socialization.  My only pointer on that would be to wait until your puppy has completed it’s puppy vaccine schedule to make sure they are protected from harmful contagious diseases. Same goes for dog parks.

Eva’s puppies are doing well and are just now starting to play with each other. I will try to post more snapshots and cell phone videos leading up to selection day but I will wait as long as possible before taking their 5 week photos.. probably the day before selections.   You will see more of a change in what they look like.  Also, will post last minute videos when I can start seeing more personality. At this point the videos don’t show much more than a bunch of cuteness. 🙂   Hang tight and we will help you through this process.   I will be scheduling the selection times about a week before hand.

This week I plan to start booking airline tickets for Laura’s litter.  Just a FYI- United Airlines is who we use for cargo shipments.  We have tried working with other airlines and they have all given us trouble due to not having quality air control on their transport vehicles. United Petsafe is the ONLY program that will let us fly puppies no matter what the outside temprature.  Please trust us on this choice. We want your puppy to have the best and safest experience possible.  We still will not ship a puppy if it has a temperature or it seems sick at all! Puppies will have their last shot here at 7 to 7.5 weeks depending on when it ships out.  We will be giving all puppies electrolytes, vitamins and probiotics to help them on their stressful transitions whether they are flying or being picked up.

One thing to expect before bringing your puppies home is that they may be nervous and stressed due to being away from their home and litter mates for the first time.  We do not always have time to crate train each puppy before they leave.  So, we do our best to make the transition as stress free as possible.

Please do not hesitate to ask us questions.  We will contact everyone about pickup, flights and meeting locations as time gets close. We will focus on one litter at a time. This week I’ll be focused on Laura’s litter for scheduling their trips home.

Thank you to all of you for being so amazing and giving all of our puppies such wonderful homes! <3 <3 <3