Purchasing a Pintabian

Are you interested in purchasing your first Pintabian or Arabian? Here are some things to think about. Make sure you buy from a reputable breeder. Make sure you know how much work and money it takes to raise a horse properly.  Make sure you have studied and learned all you can about raising and training … Continue reading Purchasing a Pintabian

SALE Page update…

I have added both these sweet little ladies to our "FOR SALE"page! We are enjoying some beautiful spring weather in Arizona already. Planting grass... feeding babies and planning our year.  

What is a Pintabian?

What is a Pintabian? Simple explanation is that a Pintabian is verified and MUST be over 99% Arabian and less than 1% Paint. They are eligible for registration with the Half-Arabian horse association, Pinto and Pintabian registries. (HAHA, PtHA and PHRI) It has taken many generations of breeding from the first cross until recent times … Continue reading What is a Pintabian?