Sydney’s Mini Aussiedoodles


Puppies Born May 17th-2021  Ready to go home to our waiting customers July 14th and 15th




Super sweet, loves to cuddle… never barks. She is just happy to be close to her people.  Loves to go on horse back rides and is an amazing mama.  Photos of her past litter below. She has lots of blue merles and sables and most of her puppies will be on the smaller side.  She has beautiful blue merle markings. One blue eye and one marble eye. Her copper is a gorgeous dark orange and she has lots of pretty chrome!  Her large, wide set ears are perfect! We love how they are set on her head. She has a wonderful “Aussie” look with heavy bone and correct conformation like her sire Topaz.  This is Sydney’s last litter. 

Clear for the following common hereditary diseases and many more!

  • HC- Clear/Normal
  • DM- Clear/Normal
  • MDR1-Clear/Normal
  • PRA-PRCD- Clear/Normal


2 week Photoshoot. Eyes are starting to open… some are not quite there yet but by our next photoshoot they will be bright eyed and much more alert! 


We added Names The shortened “States” Litter 🙂 

Blue Merle Female “Allie” has been selected


Black Bi Female “Georgie” is playful, outgoing and loving. A nice mixture of a everything “doodle” 🙂  Nice coat but not as full in the face YET.   



Black Tri Female “Caroline” has gorgeous wavy coat and already has the teady bear look with those furnishing and almost curly head of hair. She is sweet and playful and will more than likely stay under 30 lbs. Her and Ten Ten were the “twins” of the litter. 

Blue Merle Female “Ginny” has been selected


Tri Sable Female “Missy” has been selected


Black Tri Male “Mick” Has a nice wavy coat that will be non-shedding.  He will be a large Moyen to small standard size. similar to MO.. below. 

Black Bi Male “MO” has a super curly non-shedding coat with really full furnishing for his age. Will definitely have the teddy bear look right from the start. He will be BIG 40 to 50 lbs.  A great size for someone wanting a puppy closer to a moyen or small standard size. Remember Standards can be 50 to 70 lbs… so he will still smaller than most standards! 


Blue Merle Male “Tex” has been selected

Black Tri Male “Ten Ten” has been selected


Blue Merle Male “Brasky” has been selected


SEE HER PAST PUPPIES HERE and click to enlarge photos.