Sydney’s Mini Aussiedoodles




No Puppies from Sydney at this time. Future puppies will be available to the Master list after her current list is fulfilled. Currently our Master List is full. See “Reserve” page. 





Super sweet, loves to cuddle… never barks. She is just happy to be close to her people.  Loves to go on horse back rides and is an amazing mama.  Photos of her past litter below. She has lots of blue merles and sables and most of her puppies will be on the smaller side.  She has beautiful blue merle markings. One blue eye and one marble eye. Her copper is a gorgeous dark orange and she has lots of pretty chrome!  Her large, wide set ears are perfect! We love how they are set on her head. She has a wonderful “Aussie” look with heavy bone and correct conformation like her sire Topaz.

Clear for the following common hereditary diseases and many more!

  • HC- Clear/Normal
  • DM- Clear/Normal
  • MDR1-Clear/Normal
  • PRA-PRCD- Clear/Normal

PUPPIES BORN 10/04/2020 and are SOLD OUT! 

First Photos are at ONE MONTH OLD.   Selections Will START November 14th.  But if anyone at the top of the list wants to select before then based on video and photos please let me know so I can schedule next in line. In person visits will be scheduled for the 14th! 


(click photos to scroll larger images)

Blue Merle Male “Benjamin”  but you can call him “Benji”  He has a beautiful merle pattern but no distinct white.   He weights 3.4 lbs. 


“Sarah” is a Black Bi little girl and weighs 2.8 lbs. 


“Mary” is a Sable Merle Female… she is 4.4 lbs and has a half blue eye. 


“Martha” is a Black Bi little girl and weighs 3.8 lbs.  All white paws and a tipped tail. 


“Abigail” you can call her “Abby” she is a Sable Merle Parti color.. she is 3.5 lbs.  She will be health tested for Breeding. So, she is already selected. 

“Lydia” is a black bi female with lots of white markings, full white stockings and a tipped tail. She weighs 3.3 lbs. 

“Ruth” is a blue merle female with adorable split face markings. She weighs 3.7 lbs

“Esther” is a Black and White Parti female with lots of ticking on her face and front legs. She weighs 3.3 lbs. 



SEE HER PAST PUPPIES HERE and click to enlarge photos.

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