Vada’s Moyen/Standard Aussiedoodles


******These Puppies are all home with their forever family. Please go to the reserve page to see available spots in future summer/fall litters!*****  Leaving photos up so you can see what the next litter may look like! 

Vada is an AKC Standard Poodle and has all her health testing complete. These puppies should be a nice size for those wanting something a little bigger to go on those amazing outdoor adventures. Puppies will mature approximately 45 to 65 lbs.  Vada is a dominant black producer and throws both Black and White and Blue Merle Puppies when bred to Topaz.  If you are wanting something a little bigger and sometimes calmer…. these medium to standard sizes have wonderful personalities. Vada is a happy dog with great manners. She loves to tag along for horse back rides.  A great hiking buddy for sure!

This litter is clear for HC, DM, VW2, PRA-PRC

Check out the Reserve page and fill out our Puppy Application to get on the next list!

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“Philip” is a darker blue merle MALE with a full white collar and eyes just opened and they are too young to comment yet on personality.  His ears are looking nice and curly and he isn’t the biggest boy in the litter but look at those paws 🙂


“Tiana” is the runt of the little. A little Black Bi Female she has lots of white from between her eyes down her nose, chest and tummy. She has four white paws, a tipped tail and a half white collar .  Her coat is coming in nice and curly and she is already looking like she’ll have nice furnishings!


“Snow White” is a blue merle Female with nice white and black markings. She has a left eye patch and a black collar. White paws and a white tipped tail. Nice wavy coat coming on this sweet girl.


“Naveen” is a very handsome Black Bi Male with four white paws, full white collar and tipped tail. He is a big boy with a masculine structure so far, the biggest male in the litter and a little bit on the shy side but still young that I am not worried about it at all. Normally by selection day they are getting a little more brave out in the real world.  Today was the first day out.  He is nice and wavy and super cuddly!

“Charming” is a very classic looking Blue Merle Male with just the perfect amount of white on his face, paws and tail. This boy is another big one. He seems calm and loves to cuddle as well. He was happy to meet Carmel outside today. Carmel wanted to play with them not knowing that they were too small to join her romping through the grass.


“Cinderella” is a Black and White Bi Female. She is going to be nice and curly. As you can already see her curls on her neck, chest and ears. Lost of white on her chest, nose, paws and the tip of the tail.  She has the curliest coat of all the puppies! Good sign for those with allergies. This is also Stetson’s favorite snuggle puppy.



“Florian” is a cute Blue Merle Male with almost 2 eye patches and a pretty classic merle body. Nice amount of white on face, paws and tail. This little boy doesn’t have quite as much curl as the others but is still adorable with those two eye patches and long ears!





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