Carmel’s Aussiedoodles


Charlie X Carmel

PUPPIES BORN 4/22/22 will be ready JUNE 17th! 

“Carmel”  (King’s Small Town Girl) is a gorgeous AKC Registered  Red Merle Mini American Shepherd and is now bred to our AKC Moyen sized Poodle “Charlie” 

Carmel is 16 inches at the shoulder and Charlie is about 17 inches at the shoulder. Due to their lineage they can produce puppies anywhere from 14 to 19 inches tall at the shoulder.   Both Carmel and Charlie have amazing temperaments. Both are super sweet and affectionate, well behaved and just easy to have around.   We are so excited to meet these puppies.   

Carmel’s Puppies are all clear for DM, HC, MDR1, PRA-Prcd and VW11

Puppies from this litter are predicted to be Blue Merle with copper points and Black Tri or Phantom. (100% will have copper points) There won’t be any reds or sables in this litter. 

Please go to our “Puppy Application” page and fill out our application if you are interested in one of these puppies! Also, check out our “Reserve List” .   To get on our waiting list you must fill out the application, sign our contract and pay a deposit. Once your application is in, we will contact you and send you the contract and invoice. 

Current Wait List for Both CARMEL AND LUCY PUPPIES

  1. Nikki L.
  2. Dusty V. 
  3. Jennifer P. 
  4. Patty R. 
  5. Lynette
  6. Amanda
  7. Sarah
  8. Aram
  9. Keith

Current Litter-



Past Carmel Puppies


“Rip” Tri Blue Merle Male


“Beth” Red Phantom Famale


“John” Tri Red Merle Male


“Jimmy” Red Phantom Male


“Kayce” Tri Blue Merle Female


“Monica” Tri Sable Merle Male


“Teeter” Tri Blue Merle Female