Macie’s Mini Aussiedoodles


Puppies Born January 13th

Macie is one of  our Miniature American Shepherd dams and is a beautiful blue merle with nice medium dark brown eyes!   A little about Macie. She has strong “Aussie” herding instincts, and is a big part of our family. She loves to help chase cattle and guard the gate. She loves to play fetch and do tricks, she does all the basic commands and jumps and spins on cue and LOVES to chase balls and play fetch! She loves to have a job and show off! She also loves to ride in the car and go for walks. She is great with our children and is a wonderful Mama. She is one of the most well behaved dogs we have ever had. Calm in the house, but loves to work!!! Her puppies seem to retain her wonderful disposition. We love her so very much!

Clear for the following hereditary conditions

  • OFA EYES- Normal/Normal
  • HC- Clear/Normal
  • DM- Clear/Normal
  • MDR1-Clear/Normal
  • PRA-PRCD- Clear/Normal


PHOTOS OF CURRENT LITTER COMING SOON! ONLY 5 spots left on her reserve list. See “reserve page” and “Puppy Application” page for more info on getting on Macie’s List. 

***A few of Macie’s Past Puppies***

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