Liberty’s Aussiedoodles

Puppies Born August 7th

Go Home Weekend October 1st and 2nd and we have puppies AVAILABLE NOW! Photos below!

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Liberty is a beautiful blue merle AKC Miniature American Shepherd and just had a gorgeous litter with our handsome boy Charlie. Liberty has claimed Mr. King as her human. She loves him and you can follow more photos of this silly girl on our Instagram. (link at bottom)

Liberty has a ton of personality and is super intelligent and LOVES to do tricks and play. She also loves to be held and is one of our most affectionate females. Charlie is just an easy going guy that listens well and is a good watch dog. Both were super easy to house/potty train and took to ranch life like they were born for it! Puppies from Liberty and Charlie should mature 15 to 19 inches at the shoulder. Puppies will vary in those sizes. During selections we will help you pick the right one for your family.

Liberty’s Health clearance for all breed relevant Genetic Health Conditions as well as 190 other  genetic conditions.  You can see more info on Charlie on our “Poodle Studs” page.

MDR1 Clear

DM- Clear

HC- Clear

PRA-prcd Carrier (not affected/puppies not affected)


Current Selection List for this litter.

  1. Keith and Jaqueline Selected Sunny
  2. Catherine Selected River
  3. Renee H.  Selected Lake
  4. Joan D.    Selected Rocky
  5. Darla E. Selected Flower
  6. Paula V selected Birdie
  7. available  
  8. available  
  9. available  
  10. available
  11. available

All of these puppies are black tris and have full or almost full white collars and they all have white socks, white chest, belly and white tipped tails!  Every puppy on this page is AVAILABLE NOW~!  Once puppies are selected I will take their photos down. 

If you are local, please call to schedule a visit or let us know if you would like to schedule a video call. 



Black Tri Male (full white collar) Night is AVAILABLE




Black Tri Male (full white collar) Drift AVAILABLE



Black Tri Parti Male (rare to have f1 parti colors)  “Thunder”  is AVAILABLE



Black Tri Male (full collar) “Rain” is AVAILABLE


Black Tri Male (full collar) “Bolt” is AVAILABLE