Freedom’s Nursery


Mini Aussiedoodle Puppies Born 3/15/23


These puppies are available to the first 5 people on our list unless they decide to pass for another litter. Will update as we start going through selections. We normally don’t do selections until at LEAST 5 weeks but usually closer to 6 weeks old.

New photos taken today at 3 weeks old! Eyes are about fully open! 4/5/23 

SHEP is the ONLY puppy left from this litter. All others have been reserved! 




RED TRI MALE (Natural bob tail)




Phantom Blue Merle Female (Natural bob tail)

Her right eye is at least a partial blue if not marble. 




Red Tri Female (Natural full tail)



 Phantom Red Merle Female (Natural bob tail and partial blue eyes)



Red Tri Female (Natural bob tail)