Mini Englishdoodles

Currently Bella is our only Golden Retriever but she is actually an English Cream Golden Retriever. All 4 of her grandparents were imported from the Ukraine and are gorgeous representations of the breed. English Creams are very sought after for their “calmer” nature, staulkier shorter build and the fact that they make great therapy dogs. Englishdoodles also make exceptional therapy dogs and have gorgeous coats with wonderful temperaments!

These traits hold true with Bella. She is a smaller feminine, super sweet, affectionate, and happy-go-lucky girl! She LOVES water and will find it whenever she has the opportunity. The light cream color is a great choice for those living in the hot Arizona Climate! She will be bred to Waylon for English Cream Goldendoodles but we will call them Englishdoodles! 🙂 We are super excited for the cross and selected Bella specifically with Waylon in mind. These two are going to be the perfect match! If you are looking for personality and coat quality and don’t care about all the coat color options of the Aussiedoodle- Consider the Englishdoodle! Her first litter was AMAZING!

All Clear for DM, DMD, HC, PRA-prcd, PRA1, PRA2

Icthyosis One Copy- (Not affected- No affect on offspring with Waylon)

Bella X Waylon

F1 Mini Englishdoodles – 25 to 50 lbs

Price – $3500.00

Next Litter Winter 2021/2022

  1. Nancy K.
  2. Cary C.
  3. ____________________
  4. ____________________
  5. ____________________
  6. ____________________

Will take more reserves at time of birth if she has more than 6 puppies.

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Purple Female is 6 pounds 2 oz

Red Collar Puppy is 8 pounds 8 oz

Green collar puppy is 10 pounds 8 oz 

Yellow Collar is 6 pounds 4 oz

Orange Collar is 9 pounds 3 oz

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