Daisy’s Aussiedoodles

Daisy had puppies May 20th…. Go home date is July 16th


“Daisy” has taken a liking to Carley since she was with Sean when they picked her up and the first one to bond with her when she arrived at King Family Ranch.  Daisy is a full sister from the SAME litter as Laura!   Daisy stands 15 inches tall at the shoulder and is considered a Moyen sized Poodle. With her beautiful color, long ears and sweet gentle face she makes a lovely partner with Topaz.   Their puppies should mature anywhere from 15 to 19 inches tall.

Clear for VWD Type1, PRA-prcd, DM and many other breed relevant health conditions


We are holding one female from this litter for our breeding program in the future. This is Daisy’s last litter and we are so excited to keep her bloodlines in our program.  Her and Topaz have had many wonderful babies in the past and this will be one of the FIRST Aussiedoodles we keep for ourselves in 6 years!   Here are the last three Daisy puppies offered to our Master List customers. 


This adorable tri sable merle male “Basil” is a chunky one right now… but all of these puppies are because Daisy is a good milker and she only had 4 in this litter so there is MORE than enough and they are growing like crazy! In these photos, he was basically milk drunk 🙂 #fattestpuppyever 


The is a handsome blue merle male- “Sage” has one black patch on one eyes and features some cute little bits of white with a very typical merle pattern on his body. 


This little Girl is another tri sable merle- “Lavenderhas a lot of white on her face and chest. She must have been tired too cause she was yawning like crazy! 


Photos below of Daisy’s Previous Puppies


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