Available Puppies


“Bella” the one on the right in the lower photos.  Out of Vada and Topaz.  She is a sweetie pie. A little on the shy side. She LOVES to snuggle!  She may be a velcro puppy to the right person. She would rather snuggle than play most of the time. Her furnishings aren’t coming in real much yet but she does have some nice wave to her coat.





Pepper is a Black Bi Male and is totally a lover and a cuddler. He has a nice wavy coat and it smaller and daintier then most of the other males in this litter.


Ricky is a Black Tri Male with nice curly ears and coat. He is a nice mix of cuddly and playful! He has sweet puppy dog eyes that are hard to resist!

Ginger is a larger sable male that LOVES the kids! Playful and still cuddly! Very much a teddy bear!

Bootsy is an adorable Black tri and is also getting a nice fully coat! Also loves to snuggle!  and has lots of nice tan points that will look so handsome when he is older!

Chloe is an adorable little black and white female with tons of personality. She is goofy and silly and will definitely make you laugh!



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