Pet Photos


We are now offering Gorgeous Professional Prints of your puppy! If you have already brought your puppy home- no worries. You can order his/her baby photos and they can be drop shipped directly to you! I will be deleting the litters page about a month after they go home. So, if you see photos you want printed-please let me know with in that time frame! Thank you so much!

Update on current litter

Good evening!  I haven’t been blogging lately.. but I really want to start posting updates here.

As you all probably figured out, I am a part time professional photographer. I shoot weddings on weekends and homeschool my children during the week. This weekend went from being super busy and stressful to totally laid back and relaxing for me, since a couple things got cancelled.  Besides the usual chores and cleaning the puppy bedding etc. I was able to sneak in a quick photo shoot of our ALREADY 6 week old puppies! I can’t get over how quickly they change. I love comparing the photos from 2 weeks earlier! Their coats have now started to come in more and their personalities are showing as well. My daughter Carley loves to give puppies their baths and make them smell all nice and fresh.  They look curliest right after a bath.  It will relax a little by tomorrow, but they are definitely looking more fluffy and curly lately.

Aren’t they so adorable? We sure are going to miss this sweet bunch of fur balls ❤

You can see more of these guys and get more information in this litter by going to our menu.  These are Mini Aussiedoodles so go to the Mini Aussiedoodle tab and then click “Available Puppies”

Jack is the only one available as of February 18th.