Purchasing a Pintabian

Are you interested in purchasing your first Pintabian or Arabian? Here are some things to think about. Make sure you buy from a reputable breeder. Make sure you know how much work and money it takes to raise a horse properly.  Make sure you have studied and learned all you can about raising and training horses. Find a good Equine Veterinarian.  If you are a new owner, we strongly suggest finding a seasoned horse person to help you. Find someone that has a good hold on training and that their training methods line up with how you want your horse trained.  There are MANY different types of training methods. Research several before making an informed decision.  Make sure you have a safe stall/pasture/barn. Horses are flight animals and can not be housed in pastures for cattle.  Mare sure you don’t have loose wire, barbed wire, nails or any such things out of place. Safe fences can be fairly reasonable and easy to put up. Research safe options and be well prepared before brining your horse home. These suggestions may seem like no brainers to some people. But I have seen, far too many times, horses get hurt where they were housed in less than satisfactory situations and then people wonder why their horses get hurt. Vet bills can be outrageous and you don’t want to deal with scars and vet bills if they can be avoided. Not to mention that when horses get hurt, they don’t forget it.  Accidents will happen, but we try to prevent them and keep our animals as safe as possible.

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We at King Ranch strive to raise well bred horses but we not only are concerned about our stocks conformation; we also carefully choose mares that have nice personalities. This is very important when looking for a family horse or a horse for your children.  We want them to like people and know that we are their friend. This does not mean that our horses get to do whatever they want. Just like our dogs. We teach them healthy respect.  I don’t like the old saying “show ’em who’s boss!!”  Because we are not overly forceful. But we teach in a manner that makes sense to them. We use pressure and release for all training. Weather it means pressure with or without touch. There are many types of pressure. If you are interested in learning more about horse psychology and how they learn best. We recommend the John and Josh Lyon’s program. http://www.lyonslegacy.com has a ton of helpful information, books, dvds and lists of future clinics.  Sheila King is a Certified John and Josh Lyon’s Trainer since 2000.  These training methods are the best that we have found.

If you have any questions whatsoever about purchasing a horse from our ranch and what you need to do to prepare, please don’t hesitate to ask.


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